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Aluminum Recycling For The Planet And The Pocketbook

Aluminum recycling is a great way to aid in saving the planet as well as padding your pocketbook. Of course you can also donate your cans to local organization that participate in recycling programs too, which benefits the planet and the organization you support.

The Boy Scouts of America and Habitat for Humanity are two organizations that have benefited from aluminum recycling driving in the past. Some neighborhood associations also offer curbside recycling for aluminum and use the funds raisers to pay for improvements in the community that go above and beyond association fees.

Financially, aluminum recycling is now paying much better than in years past. With growing demand for recycled materials it makes more sense today than ever before to recycle aluminum. You should note that recycling aluminum isn’t limited to used soda cans but can extend to aluminum siding, rain gutters, aluminum window frames, and certain materials that are used in making cars. Some lawn and patio furniture can be recycled too.

Aluminum is the highest paying recyclable materials at the time and the most commonly recycled material in the United States. It is also cheaper and more energy efficient to recycle aluminum than ever before. The aluminum can is the most easily recycled of all recyclable materials.

If you aren’t swayed by the potential financial benefits of aluminum recycling you might be extremely concerned over the environmental benefits. Recycling aluminum saves raw materials that are increasingly limited in number, energy, money, and time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially when you consider that there are financial benefits to you or your favorite organization when you recycle.

The amount of aluminum recycled in 2003 saved roughly the equivalent of 15 million barrels of crude oil. This is the equal of America’s average daily consumption of gas. Can you imagine how much crude oil could be saved if every American household committed to recycling their aluminum cans? With gas prices so high, can you also imagine the savings that could be passed on to consumers by doing so?

The real benefit of recycling aluminum is that this material can be recycled multiple times. It doesn’t degrade with the recycling process meaning that it can be done repeatedly.

Aluminum recycling keeps the cans and other aluminum products, which can take many decades to decompose completely out of local landfills. This benefits everyone in your community and on the planet. Whether your recycling goals are to make a little extra money, to save the planet, or to help your favorite local charitable organization there are many benefits to aluminum recycling.


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