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Glass Recycling Offers Many Options

There are quite a few options available to those who are interested in glass recycling. Before you begin though, it is a good idea to check local ordinances, and find out which types of glass can be recycled. Your local waste management center or department of works is a good place to find out the ins and outs involved in recycling glass.

As a general rule, ceramic cannot be recycled. At least, it cannot be recycled through your local recycling center. It is possible though to break bits of ceramic and use it to create mosaic tables, tiles, trivets, trays, etc. The fact that ceramic can not be recycled does not necessarily mean that it isn’t an excellent candidate to be reused. Colorful pieces of ceramic are great for mosaic artwork.

Glass recycling is good in more ways than you may realize at first glance. Not only does it reuse materials, which limits the waste in landfills and reduces the number or resources that goes into creating new glass, it also requires 40% less energy to recycle glass than it does to manufacture glass. This means that it is using up even less energy than making new glass products would require saving money and energy in the process.

Before you recycle glass you should check to see if you have paid a deposit on the bottle. Some states have instituted a bottle deposit fee on all glass bottles. It is much more profitable for you to return the bottles to your local bottle return center than it would be to recycle. They will handle the recycling of the bottles as well as the sorting, and you can get your deposit back. This can add up to a significant amount of money to families that go through a fair amount of glass bottles depending on the amount of the deposit.

You can also reuse glass bottles in the making of several interesting craft projects. There are many facets to recycling and reusing glass is just as good for the planet as recycling glass in many cases. Either way, the glass gets a second life and that is what recycling is all about. You can use glass to make all manner of craft projects and find many great ideas by searching online, visiting your local recycling center (or their website), or your local library.

Every time you recycle glass, or any other object for that matter, you are taking a step towards the goal of a healthier planet for generations to come. Are you ready to do your part?

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