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Recycling Challenges

Recycling isn’t very difficult but there are some challenges that we need to overcome. Part of the challenge lies in education. It helps to know what material need to be recycled.

The first thing to consider is the product. Many items are created with no regards to how they will be recycled. This poses a huge challenge because the items are not developed for recycling.

Think of recycling as a natural progression. Regeneration is an integral part of nature. Plants, animals, water and countless other elements in nature pass through a cycle of birth, growth and death.

After a purely natural element is used, it serves to regenerate in some way or form. Animals feed meat-eating predators. Plants provide nutrition to many species.

The nutrients pass through the body and are deposited in various locations. The excrement fertilizes the land or insects consume it. The fertile soil provides a place for new plants to grow.

Water is a great example of natural recycling. The process involves evaporation, collection in clouds and rain. It is a perfect cycle of regeneration.

Nature’s way of recycling is very inspiring and much of our efforts in this realm are quite easy and seamless. However, we have complicated the process by creating things that do not have a cycle of rebirth. Many of these items are of no use once they have served their purpose.


Plastic is an example of a fabricated construction that does not have a cycle. These items do not deteriorate and they merely fill up landfills. Plastic needs help recycling.

Since plastic won’t recycle its self, we have to do our part in order to be successful. Some plastics cannot be recycled at all. The process is quite difficult because there are so many complications.

For example, plastic is difficult to reprocess. There are many different forms of plastic. Some can be recycled and other cannot. The ones that can be reused have to be sorted according to their specific compositions.

The process of recycling plastic is very time-consuming and costly. The items should be made with the future in mind.


Batteries pose significant challenges as well. Like plastic, these items must be sorted and matched. These items provided energy at one time so they often contain harmful elements that have to be addressed, as they are recycled. The process is complex and expensive.

Some states require people to dispose of batteries properly. These items are difficult to recycle in spite of our best efforts. This is especially true for older batteries.

In order to help overcome the many recycling challenges we face today, many manufacturers consider the future as they produce new items. Hopefully, the vast majority of products will be reused.

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