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The Recycling Facts Which Every Person Should Be Aware Of

Researchers and environmentalist have already been giving us warning for a long time that there will probably come a period whereby all of us will have to step up in a huge way to save our planet because it is already starting to pass away. However, this warning didn’t stick to the minds of many since people just started seeing its significance after they have seen those documentaries which were made by the influential people of Hollywood. If you are one of those who find themselves so hesitant to help save the world by recycling, then here are a few recycling facts that you ought to know.

According to studies, a country will be able to save 3 trillion gallons of water a year, which is equivalent to $18 billion, if they require each of their citizens to use water-saving home appliances. It takes an average person two minutes to brush his or her teeth and in those two minutes, if the faucet is not turned off, you’re already wasting four gallons of water. An additional recycling fact is that outdated toilets which were produced earlier than 1992 uses 3.5-7 gallons per flush whilst those toilets which have already been produced from then on just uses about 1.3 gallons of normal water.

Probably the most ignored recycling facts are that a few gadgets still consume electrical power even when they are switched off. Home appliances like VCD’s or wireless telephones still need electrical power to keep the digital screen operating which uses around 5% of the overall yearly energy expenses of a nation which can be equal to nearly $8 billion.

You will also get to save 17 mature trees by recycling about a ton of paper. If everybody uses recycled paper, then they will end up lessening the amount of harmful gases in the environment by 74% as well as water consumption by 50%.

If you are searching for an economic inspiration to reuse, then consider this recycling fact about precious metals. 36 billion aluminum cans were found in dumpsites and landfills in the past year and if these cans got recycled, it was estimated that they were worth $600 million. Also, if all citizens in a particular country do everything that they can to save metals, then that country can save up to $3 billion a year.

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